Sunday, November 7, 2010

Budhapa - The Old Age

Budhapa or The Old Age is an inevitable phase of life which everyone has to face sooner or later. It is supposed to be the age to reflect, to relax, to look back at times of the past, both sweet or sour. It is the time when you are supposed to rest on your laurels and experience; when the younger generation whom you have nurtured with so much love and care tries to return back all that you have done for them in whatever way they can; when you sit on the rocking chair with your grandchildren by your side and see the sun set into your life slowly and peacefully.
Unfortunately, budhapa has now become in many homes a dreaded sentence; a phase of life when your younger ones grow out of their use of you and start deserting you at the time you need them the most; when the generation gap starts manifesting its ugly face in full force; when poor health and ungrateful children unite forces to make life miserable; when all dreams and hopes from children and from life stand shattered and you start wondering what did you do to deserve this at this age.
This blog is a compilation of poems of Shri Madan Mohan Baheti ‘Ghotoo’ which reflect the experiences of life in old age. I am sure that you will find your own experience reflected in some or the other of these poems as well. Readers are invited to share their experiences and thoughts on the same on this blog, be it in prose or in poetry (preferably the latter).

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